About Fjäråskupan

Fjäråskupan was founded in 1989 by Ingvar Turefeldt in the little village of Fjärås, 40 kilometres south of Gothenburg. The first extractor hood, the forerunner to the present-day Exklusiv model, was developed, manufactured, marketed and distributed by Ingvar himself. Quality thinking, versatility and an awareness of our customers’ wishes characterize a business that has grown quickly.

The Arcad and Cupol models launched in 2001 remain major sellers today. In 2007 Fjäråskupan moved into its current premises in Torslanda, making further expansion possible. Today Fjäråskupan is run by Ingvar’s sons Henrik and Leif Turefeldt as one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers of kitchen fan hoods. Ingvar’s attention to customer requirements lives on, which is why there are no standard extractor hoods in Fjäråskupan’s product range.

Instead, every hood is made to order at our own factory by our own craftsmen. In other words, there are endless options in colour, design and size when you choose a an extractor hood from Fjäråskupan. Every hood is different, no size or shape too difficult.

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